[Portland] xdg-utils test suite

Bastian, Waldo waldo.bastian at intel.com
Fri Jul 21 18:29:38 PDT 2006

People that want to check it out can use the tarball at
which contains a snapshop of xdg-utils and the test suite.

Waldo Bastian
Linux Client Architect - Client Linux Foundation Technology
Channel Platform Solutions Group
Intel Corporation - http://www.intel.com/go/linux
OSDL DTL Tech Board Chairman

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>I have checked in a test suite for xdg-utils in
>To run: cd <Portland>/xdg-utls/tests
>$ ./testrun
>A few notes:
>1. It is not yet totally complete, but I believe that I have good
>coverage of the "install time" utilities. Feel free to suggest
>or deletions to what is tested.
>2. It the default run features interactive tests. They are designed to
>be useful in cases where someone must visually verify the presence of a
>GUI component. (But, they can be disabled with testrun -I)
>3. Many of the tests fail in my development environment (SUSE
>10.0/Gnome), but mostly this is due to unexpected output on
>4. Tests that have the status NORESULT mean that some prerequisite
>failed, while tests with status UNTESTED mean that root access was
>required and the test is not being run as root (or vice versa.)
>I will be continuing to check in tests in the coming days in
>for release BETA2 of Portland.
>As always, any comments or criticisms are welcome.
>Tom Whipple
>Client Linux Foundation Technology Group
>Intel Corporation - http://www.intel.com/go/linux
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