[Promotion] Google Trends on GNOME and KDE

Thilo Pfennig thilopfennig at foresightlinux.org
Tue Apr 24 14:51:56 PDT 2007

Hi, I am not a statician and not a marketing expert, but if I look at
this Google Trend:


... something is eye-catching. These two curves from the search volume
look just too much related to each other as it could be a
coincidence!? There were some bigger peaks in the past but not now

Maybe somebody who is better at statistics could say something more
about it. Can we learn something from this? How does this come?

I think maybe it means that everything GNOME or KDE does is also
reflected at the other desktop?

You dont get this with other free software project like if you put two
desktop distributions like Fedora and Ubuntu in:

What that could mean is though KDE got some more news volume in 2007
both are generally getting the same level of attention by the
worldwide public. Even in India this seems to get synced:

What would be interesting is if the same people are searching for both
desktops. I guess not.



Thilo Pfennig

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