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#53: TeamSpeak problems and patches
  Reporter:  ZlatkO   |       Owner:  lennart               
      Type:  defect   |      Status:  new                   
  Priority:  normal   |   Milestone:                        
 Component:  clients  |    Severity:  normal                
Resolution:           |    Keywords:  teamspeak padsp duplex
Comment (by ZlatkO):

 Huh? ... (time passes) ... Ooooh, now ''that's'' clever! Just tried with
 !TeamSpeak, and it works fine.

 So, let's see if I got that right: padsp doesn't act as some sort of
 "transparent proxy" to the actual hardware device to allow access for
 multiple applications, but instead it provides a whole emulated physical
 hardware device for each application. This way, each application run via
 padsp gets its own private ''virtual'' !PulseAudio device, and the actual
 ''physical'' input/output devices are controlled/selected/mapped
 internally via the usual !PulseAudio mechanism (set-default-{sink,source},
 $PULSE_{SINK,SOURCE}, etc.). Sweet!

 Well, in that case, my all-devices patch is superfluous indeed. Thanks for
 the explanation!

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