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#198: Alsa source and Wine
  Reporter:  AdamK               |       Owner:  ossman  
      Type:  defect              |      Status:  reopened
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 Component:  alsa-plugins-pulse  |    Severity:  normal  
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Comment (by oiaohm):

 I am going to be blunt.   With wine we have got pulse working but slowly
 for everyone on alsa.  Its the how bit.

 pasuspender does not work on all cards either for wine.   Reason if card
 has onboard hardware mixing it works.   If card needs software mixer dmix
 to replace that function it don't work.  pasuspender not smart enough to
 activate dmix in that case so its now a nice intermittent mess.  Working
 for some people and not for others.

 I think part of this mess is that you have miss read alsa.   Sound card
 drivers don't need to provide what dmix can do in software.  But since its
 software or hardware applications are build that dmix or hardware exists
 or if it does not exist user can enable it.  Us giving support for people
 using wine are currently forced to give recommendation to remove
 pulseaudio from system.  Reason we cannot get required performance threw
 pulse audio due to having to stack dmix and pulse to get things to work.
 Then it all works with major performance issues.  Maybe a few minor
 registry key edits but works.

 Simple fix pulse audio stop blaming wine.  You have miss read the
 documentation.  You have not provided part of the needed feature set.  So
 now you have a stack of broken applications.  If stacking of dmix over
 pulse audio worked without speed issue this would not be a problem.

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