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#292: Need Better Docs re Dynamic Device Configuration
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 The docs are unclear on how to support a pluggable USB audio device and be
 able configure its settings and sink/source name.  Approaches tried are:

 1. Use of load-module fails if the device is not yet plugged in.
 2. Use of add-autoload-* fails to enumerate device in drop-down lists
 until it is explicitly accessed, even though the device is indeed plugged
 3. Use of module-hal-detect correctly detects and adds the device upon
 plug-in, but sacrifices any configurability of that device, especially
 giving it a user-meaningful name.

 My choice would be to have module-hal-detect bump any ghost sinks/sources
 already defined for that device, making them non-ghosted now.  But that
 would require some algorithm for matching up what HAL found with ghost

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