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Tue Nov 18 13:05:03 PST 2008

#408: Pulseaudio 0.9.10 is not working on ARM processor
  Reporter:  sdsuram9  |       Owner:  lennart          
      Type:  defect    |      Status:  new              
  Priority:  highest   |   Milestone:                   
 Component:  daemon    |    Severity:  critical         
Resolution:            |    Keywords:  pulseaudio 0.9.10
Comment (by coling):

 I'm afraid the main PA developer wont be able to answer your query for a
 couple weeks.

 I know that pulse has worked on ARM processors in the past but don't know
 much in the way of details. I'm wondering if the default memory
 allocations size is too big for your embedded device? By default, PA tries
 to reserve a 64 meg chunk of SHA memory (this isn't the same as allocation
 as it is not physically allocated at this stage). I personally don't know
 the details but if you search Trac you should find some info.

 If you are looking for an answer from other users who have use ARM, it may
 be worth posting to the PA mailing list. Again the main PA dev wont be
 able to reply immediately but perhaps someone else will know some details.

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