[pulseaudio-tickets] [PulseAudio] #799: libpulse use of Xlib is not thread-safe

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Sat May 29 12:02:05 PDT 2010

#799: libpulse use of Xlib is not thread-safe
  Reporter:  courmisch  |       Owner:  lennart     
      Type:  defect     |      Status:  new         
 Milestone:             |   Component:  module-x11-*
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Comment(by coling):

 This is a patch against 0.9.21 stable-queue branch that converts Xlib
 calls to xcb calls for property getting/setting.

 Some uses of XLib remain in the server side, but these wont bother a
 client application.

 I've not tested this heavily yet, but it seems to be working as expected
 so far.

 This patch does NOT apply cleanly on master as it conflicts with
 65e8078a3bba6360f7918b2a721510d78826eece however, I'm not sure this
 matters anymore and I think the bits of code that cause the conflicts can
 be thrown out now.

 Anyway, that's enough XCB'ing from me for now :)

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