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#882: RTP rom x64 to ARM does not work
  Reporter:  Chili   |       Owner:  mkbosmans   
      Type:  defect  |      Status:  new         
 Milestone:  1.0     |   Component:  module-rtp-*
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Comment(by rozzin):

 I had a `doesn't work' issue which I suspect is the same as Chili's, and
 I've determined the cause well enough to get it working: I'm using module-
 rtp-send on an x86-32 host, and module-rtp-recv on an ARM host--and I'd
 verified the RTP multicast was working with both x86-64 and x86-32
 receivers, and I could see from the output of "pulseaudio -vvv" that the
 RTP stream was being received by module-rtp-recv on the ARM host, I just
 wasn't hearing any audio output.

 The ARM receiver is an Ionics Nimbus 100 (which is a Sheeva Plug work-
 alike--using the same Marvell kirkwood platform) with a USB audio-adaptor.
 The USB audio-adaptor was verified to work with PulseAudio on my x86-64
 laptop, even in an RTP-receiver setup--and the USB adaptor even worked
 *with the ARM host* when playing 44.1-kHz audio-files through PulseAudio.

 The ARM and x86-32 hosts both have the same word-sizes and are of the same
 endianness, so neither of those was the problem. The only notable
 difference between all of my x86 desktops/laptops and my ARM plug-computer
 is that all of the x86 machines have floating-point units, and the ARM
 machine doesn't--and that's the problem: without an FPU, the default
 resampling-method (speex-float) doesn't work; the latency on the plug-
 computer seems to be more variable than on any of my x86 receivers, so the
 input-stream is rarely running at exactly 44100 samples/sec and resampling
 is almost always necessary.

 So I edited /etc/pulse/daemon.conf, changing resample-method from speex-
 float-3 to speex-fixed-3, and now everything appears to be working just

 This may still be considered a bug, though: if the floating-point
 resamplers don't work, it might be a good idea to just fall back to a
 fixed-point resampler automatically.

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