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Tue Sep 20 03:37:14 PDT 2011

#949: set flat-volume to no by default
  Reporter:  zebul666     |       Owner:  lennart                   
      Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new                       
 Milestone:               |   Component:  daemon                    
Resolution:               |    Keywords:  flat-volume level too loud

Comment(by coling):

 Well we've come a long way in the last three or so years so I certainly
 hope it'll be less than 50 :D

 But yeah, after the current release, we're going to try and move the wiki
 content over to FDO and with it write up some nice docs on the confusing
 topics, like flat volumes. I think we can then put a link to said wiki
 page in the config if needed but I'd rather do it the man page.

 I suspect that most users will look to the interwebs first rather than the
 config file (this could be before they know the config file exists) so I'm
 not sure how much practical use a comment in the config would really serve
 and even then how we justify which bits in the config to add extra links
 to and which not to. The big note at the top that refers users to the man
 page is IMO the correct pointer here.

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