[pulseaudio-tickets] [Bug 50256] pasuspender alsa hook test fix.

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--- Comment #2 from oiaohm at gmail.com 2012-05-24 18:49:48 PDT ---
Tanu Kaskinen
"Why do you want to use pasuspender in the first place? Why doesn't Wine work
with Pulseaudio?"

Main need to use this is to be able to run comparative tests.  Wine usage of
audio is not simple.  No comparative tests no isolation exactly where wine is
ruining pulseaudio or pulseaudio ruining wine or where wine is exploiting
something in alsa that should not be their either.  Making a test needs to be
able to prove where and when and what.

Some of this will be hardware related.  Could as simple as wine running
pulseaudio out of cpu time on particular hardware combinations.  If suspend and
it works isolation that wine is doing something to pulse-audio is achieved. 
Not that its that the user has failed to install something in wine so that is
why the program is running wrong and doing bad things.  Yes it is possible that
application don't alsa.

So something is going wrong if pasuspender works wine can confirm that its
audio causing the issue

Tool basically required to answer why.

Secondary is doing asio audio interfaces in wine need jackaudio that also ends
up in the pa suspended state to work at times.

So working in a pa suspended state is required at times for wine todo what it
needs todo.

Really wine is stuck to run where it needs to could break pulseaudio making the
suspended state work as much as wine needs.

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