[pulseaudio-tickets] [Bug 50256] pasuspender alsa hook test fix.

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--- Comment #4 from oiaohm at gmail.com 2012-05-26 04:14:44 PDT ---
Tanu Kaskinen
"pasuspender bash
(new shell opens)
wine --audio=alsa:device=hw:0 program.exe
(program.exe is runs and uses hw:0 for audio)
(you close the program and you're back in the shell)
(the new shell exits and pasuspender finishes)"
This is not understanding the problem.  hw:0 may or may not include mixing.  If
it does not include mixing wine can break and so can applications based off
winelib if they are running there own audio based.

So the only device other than default you can use in Alsa only or pasuspender
system be sure it has mixing is sysdefault.  hw:0 percentage of users will fail
to have operational audio due to the hardware not supporting mixing.

Also --audio flag does not exist on wine.  Audio setting in wine to force a
path is registry alteration direct or winecfg

Tanu Kaskinen
"If you're using jack2, then jackd should be
able to take over the alsa devices automatically. If you're using jack1, then
I'd like to hear a good reason why."
Not really a good reason but some audio people prefer jack1.  We will have to
wait until Jack 3 at least for this to be sorted out.

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