[pulseaudio-tickets] [Bug 47830] Opening Gnome's Sound Settings can kill Pulseaudio

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Wed May 30 13:37:27 PDT 2012


--- Comment #9 from neltnerb at mit.edu <neltnerb at mit.edu> 2012-05-30 20:37:27 UTC ---
Hi, I just discovered this bug (we hope) on my computer. Is there a
straightforward workaround that I can implement until the kernel patch trickles
through to debian testing?

Do I have to recompile the kernel to get this to stop being a problem? Man, I
haven't had to do that in years =)

Is this bug also the cause of the strange static that appears on the SPDIF
output which goes away when you mute and unmute the audio output? Or is that an
unrelated issue?

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