[polypaudio-discuss] module-esound-protocol-tcp and esdrec on different host

Wojciech Owczarek owczi at owczi.net
Fri Sep 30 14:38:45 PDT 2005

On Fri, 30 Sep 2005 16:36:04 +0200
Andrzej Zawadzki <zawadaa at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi!
> I'd like to use polypaudio as sound server. I've 7 audi cards and
> I want connect to them by esdrec -s aserver:15000[0-6]| some programs.
> Nativ esd doesn't work with alsa.
> What is my problem:

Wow, finally some post on this list ;)

Btw nice to see someone from my country and using the same distro.

Did I read correctly that you have 7 audio
cards? I only have two, and asd -> then polypaudio was my answer to
using them as one device  (module-combine)  - I never had the guts to
configure alsa properly.

By the way, tell me again what is it you're trying to achieve? 

you want each one of 7 boxes in the network to play through a different
soundcard on the server? This seems like a pure definition of sound
server :)

 My polypaudio is some old 0.8 svn. I will
take a look at that and tell you what results I got.

The problem with 'no such source' seems indeed like a config file
problem, maybe.

In fact, I just looked to my default.pa.

I think you switched the sink with source. I don't even have any sources
defined, but you also don't have the proper sink defined. I think it
should be

( I don't remember if the plughw is polypaudio 0.8 specific or alsa
specific, I have plughw and really don't remember why, I haven't touched
these configs since long time, so maybe hw: is ok too?)

but my way I would do that would be:

load-module alsa-sink device=plughw:0.0 sink_name=sink

load-module module-esound-protocol-tcp sink=sink
loopback=0 public=true port=16001

set-default-sink sink
set-default-source input

As I said, I don't have any sources defined, just sink (sinks actually).


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