[pulseaudio-discuss] Random PA Deployment Idea

Jerry Haltom wasabi at larvalstage.net
Mon Dec 18 05:50:56 PST 2006

I'll detail the package problems later. No time now.

> You can do this now, no problem. You need to have a look at the tunnel
> module. That module will give you a local sink that forwards everything sent
> to it to a remote PA instance. That way you can do local stream transfer and
> have it end up going remote.

I will go over the tunnel. I don't like that it requires configuration,
though. =)

> Each additional intermediate PA instance adds latency, which is really not
> ideal. Besides that, the per-user PA instances in your scenario don't do
> anything that the system instance couldn't do, so there's not much point in
> having them.

> What would make more sense IMHO, would be zeroconf detection of other PA
> instances *in the server* instead of (or perhaps in addition to) in the
> client libraries. That way, when one PA instance detects another on the
> network it could automatically create a tunnel sink which would allow
> dynamic stream transfer to the remote instance.

Except that this makes authentication which should rightly happen
between the client and the remote server harder. Creds have to make
their way through the local server somehow.
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