[polypaudio-discuss] The reports of polypaudio's death are greatly exaggerated.

Pierre Ossman ossman at cendio.se
Tue Mar 21 08:20:15 PST 2006

Just a short response to the rumours circulating that polypaudio is a 
dead project. If you have a look in subversion:


you'll see that the project is very much alive.

Lennart is currently studying hard for an exam so he's gone into hiding, 
but as soon as he's back we'll do the last touches on the 0.8 release.

Some highlights:

  * Ported to Windows and Solaris.

  * New playback model that allows synchronised streams.

  * Multichannel streams, complete with independent mappings.

  * Proper volume and mute control. Hardware support for all backends.

  * liboil is now used to give better performance.

You should also check out the polypaudio plugin for alsa (which you can 
find in alsa-plugins cvs). This will turn any alsa application into a 
polypaudio client.

In other words, things are alive like never before. So just bare with us 
for a couple more weeks and we'll have another release out. :)

Pierre Ossman                Telephone: +46-13-21 46 00
Cendio AB                    Web: http://www.cendio.com

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