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Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Mon May 29 08:59:09 PDT 2006

On Mon, 29.05.06 17:16, Jan Schmidt (thaytan at noraisin.net) wrote:

> > Mhmm, that looks like a lot of bureaucracy to me. I don't think I want
> > to go through all those requirements just to get gst-polyp included
> > into upstream gstreamer.
> Yeah, the checklist can be a bit onerous for new plugins. I'm
> volunteering to help though. 

That would be cool!

> > Especially the requirement to follow gstreamer indenting guidelines
> > seems a little bit too unreasonable in my eyes. 
> Actually, that's probably the easiest part. The indent script is run
> automatically as each file is checked into CVS. Keeping a uniform
> indenting style is designed to make sure diffs aren't enlarged by random
> whitespace changes, and makes it easier (at least for me) to scan the
> code.

Not for me I guess ;-)

Consider adding a note to the guidelines that this is actually a
non-issue (due to the cvs hook).

I must say however, that such a cvs hook is an ugly hack in my eyes.

> > It doesn't follow:
> > - coding style
> > - 1:1 mapping from class name to source file names
> > - no integration with gstreamer configure script (how could it?)
> > - no gtkdoc
> > - no tests
> > - no i18n
> > - GST_ELEMENT_ERROR is not used everywhere (just like the ALSA
> >   plugins, see above)
> > - no README
> > - no sponsor or core developer
> I'll have a look at making a patch for these on Friday.

That would rock.

> > Stuff I don't understand:
> > - "use correct value, name, nick for enums"
> This means that enum properties should have the 'name' and 'nick'
> properties around the right way when they're registered. We had it the
> wrong way around in several places for a long time, meaning that you had
> to use the numeric value, or the 'name' (long description) to set enum
> properties, when you're supposed to be able to use the nick.
> eg: To get White Noise from the audiotestsrc element, we used to have to
> set the 'wave' property to either '5' or 'White Noise' when it's
> supposed to be the nick 'white-noise'.

This doesn't apply to the polypaudio sink then, I guess. Since we
don't have enum properties.


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