[pulseaudio-discuss] Networked Audio on Win32

Jens Ehrich Jens at techniquemicro.com
Wed Nov 29 07:18:25 PST 2006

Hello Pierre,

Please excuse my ignorance, but I'm not sure what padsp or ALSA are.
Maybe I should try to better explain what I'm trying to achieve and
someone can let me know if it's even possible with PulseAudio - perhaps
I have misunderstood what PA is used for.

I have two Windows XP (computer "A" and computer "B") connected to an
Ethernet network, and would like all audio sent to the soundcard on
computer "A" to be output from the soundcard on computer "B" instead (or
even in addition to).

I was under the impression that I could use the module "module-waveout"
of PA to create a "source" on computer "A" and a "sink" on computer "B"
to do this.  

The FAQ (item 22) mentions that something like this can be done using
the modules "module-rtp-send" and "module-rtp-recv" on a *nix machine,
but that module doesn't seem to be included in the win32 binaries, and I
can't figure out how to get the same effect using the modules that are

Thanks again for your time.

Best regards,

Jens Ehrich MCP, MCSE
Technique Microsystems Ltd.
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Jens Ehrich wrote:
> At this point I can telnet to the machine on port 4712 and get the
> "Welcom to PulseAudio..." prompt, but here is where I get stuck.  I
> can't figure out how to send audio from another machine to the one
> running the pulseaudio.exe.  I have tried running the pulseaudio.exe
> the source machine, and also the paplay.exe but can't figure out the
> rest.

If you're looking for an equivalent for padsp or the pulse plug-in for
ALSA, then I'm afraid no such thing exists. Windows doesn't have the
infrastructure needed to do this easily.

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