[pulseaudio-discuss] Bug with Pulseaudio/VLC

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Mon Aug 27 06:06:41 PDT 2007

On Fri, 17.08.07 22:27, James Utter (james.utter at gmail.com) wrote:

> Hi,
> There is a bug either with VLC or Pulseaudio on Gnome in Debian. I'm running
> pulseaudio-0.9.5-7lenny.
> After installing pulseaudio, the pulseaudio daemon must be running or else
> VLC crashes whenever an audio stream closes. So whenever a video/mp3
> finishes, the stop button is pressed, the next/previous button is pressed
> etcetera, VLC crashes if 'pulseaudio' is not running.
> If the pulseaudio daemon is running, VLC does not crash.
> VLC did not crash before pulseaudio was installed. Esound would have been
> installed instead. VLC does not crash if Esound is installed, whether or not
> 'esd' is running.
> Please let me know if you think that this bug is a problem with VLC, not
> pulseaudio, or if you have questions.

It looks like that, yes. But it's difficult to say. Could you please
paste the output of vlc when it crashes? 

Thank you,


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