[pulseaudio-discuss] Splitting a sound card

Jan Kasprzak kas at fi.muni.cz
Wed Aug 29 11:25:17 PDT 2007

Tanu Kaskinen wrote:
: Ok. One more way of doing what you want with Ekiga popped to
: my mind. You can do quite complex things in ~/.asoundrc. Too
: bad the configuration language is totally incomprehensible
: (with the documentation I've read, anyway;
: http://alsa.opensrc.org/.asoundrc looks like it might
: actually explain the concepts in acceptable detail and
: clarity).
: I assume you already have the pulse device defined in
: /etc/asound.conf or ~/.asoundrc. In addition to that you
: would make two stereo devices, that would pass their data to
: appropriate channels in the 4-channel pulse device. If Ekiga
: allows you to use both devices for the ringtone, this
: suffices. If not, you'll need another stereo device that
: copies the data to both the other stereo devices, that will
: be the ringtone device.

	I know of the possibility of using ALSA + dmix to 
create virtual sound cards, but doesn't this sort of defeats
the purpose of having PluseAudio at all?



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