[pulseaudio-discuss] protocol-native.c: Denied access

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Wed Dec 26 04:01:11 PST 2007

Paul Rudolf Seebacher wrote:
> Does anybody knows a solution for me to get seepaul authorized by
> ps-server? Thx

It is generally not recommended to run a system wide daemon unless you
have a specific reason to do so (e.g. requiring two users to output
sound *at the same time* - this does not apply to switching users which
is handled fine). In 99% of the circumstances it is better to run a
personal pulseaudio daemon (although the caveat is that user switching
only works on pa 0.9.7+)

In your example your clients appear to be connecting via network rather
than via local socket. Your network module is not configured to allow
anonymous or ip-acl connections and thus it is not permitting your
access from ip

As you say they are on the same machine, you should really be connecting
via the socket which should (IIRC) be in /var/run/pulse/native. Make
sure you clients are trying to access this socket (strace paplay
file.wav 2>&1 | grep open) and make sure the permissions are correct on
all parent folders to allow them to access it. If going via the local
socket then the user's group will come into play to permit access.

Ignore the esd stuff for now as you're not yet even trying to run any
esd based apps, so this is not an angle you should worry about until
later :)



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