[pulseaudio-discuss] PulseAudio and Network Audio Devices

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Fri Dec 28 12:04:08 PST 2007

Richi Plana wrote:
> Sorry if I wasn't clear in my previous email. Yes, I am running
> pulseaudio-0.9.8. I just recompiled the SRPM from rawhide (along with
> patches which came with it). So I added your patch [2] and it didn't
> seem to fix the issue of the fleeting virtual remote device. It would
> still appear and disappear a second later.

Hmm, well the only thing I would say is make sure that either both ends
are your recompiled version of pa 0.9.8 + patch. It's easy to forget to
either install and/or restart one end of the equation. The symptoms
appear to be so close to what I previously observed that I think it must
be the same problem.

Incidentally you'll see from the SVN history that I actually updated my
patch after I wrote the original mail and it no longer tweaks the
protocol version. This means that it doesn't necessarily work overly
well with older servers (e.g. I'm not sure how it will work with a 0.9.7
server). If both ends are 0.9.8 then all should be good. It certainly
works fine for me!

> I did, however, manage to get audio playing on a remote computer. I
> enabled Multicast sink/source and managed to get audio playing from
> viper to appear on duke. Unfortunately, the audio would come in pulses
> (pulseaudio? :-p). I would hear music stuttering in for a second,
> disappear for a second, then come back up repeatedly. I couldn't get
> audio to go the other way via Multicast, though.

Yeah I've had issues with this too. I originally attributed it to my
wireless setup but I've not really looked into it further as tunnel
works for my needs.

> I am more confused than ever. If it helps any, these are the patches
> applied to my version of 0.9.8:
> Patch2: pulseaudio-0.9.8-fix-sample-upload.patch
> Patch3: pulseaudio-0.9.8-unbreak-tunnels.patch
> Patch4: pulseaudio-0.9.8-create-dot-pulse.patch
> Patch5: pulseaudio-0.9.8-new-version.patch
> Patch5 is your [2].

Should be fine. Again make sure both ends are upgraded and restarted is
all I can really suggest :(


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