[pulseaudio-discuss] Querying the number of samples played

Pierre Ossman ossman at cendio.se
Mon Feb 12 23:39:17 PST 2007

Kevin Mescher wrote:
> The application sent data synchronously to the audio device, and used the
> sample count (accessed via Solaris' info.play.samples) to determine
> where to
> put the marker on its waveform display.  It was pretty simple, and the
> logic
> went:

The equivalent of info.play.samples is pa_stream_get_time(). Note the
comments about it though:

/** Return the current playback/recording time. This is based on the
 * data in the timing info structure returned by
 * pa_stream_get_timing_info(). This function will usually only return
 * new data if a timing info update has been recieved. Only if timing
 * interpolation has been requested (PA_STREAM_INTERPOLATE_TIMING)
 * the data from the last timing update is used for an estimation of
 * the current playback/recording time based on the local time that
 * passed since the timing info structure has been acquired. The time
 * value returned by this function is guaranteed to increase
 * monotonically. (that means: the returned value is always greater or
 * equal to the value returned on the last call) This behaviour can
 * be disabled by using PA_STREAM_NOT_MONOTONOUS. This may be
 * desirable to deal better with bad estimations of transport
 * latencies, but may have strange effects if the application is not
 * able to deal with time going 'backwards'. \since 0.6 */

> if there are less than 1000 samples remaining to be played (samples sent -
> the value of info.play.samples), send more data.

Now this is a bad model. 1000 samples is just 23 ms at 44100 Hz, a delay
that is easily achievable on a network.

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