[pulseaudio-discuss] adobe flash 9 and pulseaudio

Jean-Michel Dault jmdault at revolutionlinux.com
Tue Jan 23 06:40:37 PST 2007

Le mardi 23 janvier 2007 à 12:43 +0100, Ermanno a écrit : 
> I recently installed pulseaudio and the alsa plugin and reconfigured
> everything I could to use it either directly or through the pcm.!default
> alsa device. Firefox worked and I wathched some movies on YouTube

Flash 9 does not work with the pcm.!default technique. 

However, I created a support library for Flash 9 that supports Pulse.
You can get more information on:

Jean-Michel Dault <jmdault at revolutionlinux.com>

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