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Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
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On Tue, 26.06.07 01:32, Justin Tulloss (jmtulloss at gmail.com) wrote:


Keith already replied to your other questions, so here are a few
comments I'd like to add for the remaining questions.

> 3. Is anybody actively working on a D-Bus control for this? Seems like it
> would be easy enough.

I'd love to use D-Bus for this. But until now D-Bus is not really
network transparent, however PA is all about network
transparency. Because we don't want to sacrifice network transparency
just because D-Bus is so nice we're not using it. Once D-Bus properly
supports network sockets (with auth and stuff) I might add another
protocol which uses RTP for passing the audio data between client and
server and uses D-Bus for control. That would be really cool, but is
waaaay down on my todo list.

PA already uses D-Bus is some areas, for example to connect to Avahi
or HAL. But that's local only and thus not relevant for network

> 4. How do you define policy for HAL events? I don't see an obvious way of
> saying "now that this sink is connected, all audio goes to it and the old
> sink will be turned off"

We don't have any real policy system at all. Mostly because I don't
want to think about the syntax for a such policy language. Hence all
policy modules we already have try to do everything
automatically. (i.e. they remember volumes, devices and stuff, and
just restore all settings when something happens. They are not
configured by any language, but work fully automatically.)


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