[pulseaudio-discuss] dynamic loading for ALSA devices

Justin Tulloss jmtulloss at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 14:10:11 PDT 2007

> Can I set pulse up so that I don't need to statically load the alsa
> drivers? I'm testing various USB audio devices and I may have one, two
> or even three plugged in at once. I'd like to have the device
> automatically create source/sinks for all of my ALSA hardware devices.

Yes. Just comment out those alsa loading lines and use:

load-module module-detect

That will detect all hardware when you first start Pulse. It's pretty good.

load-module module-hal-detect

That will dynamically detect hardware that hal detects, which should include
your USB devices.

Is there a way to create alias ALSA names for pulse sinks? So instead
> of setting the environment variable PULSE_SINK=usb_out I could go into
> vlc's preferences and find a usb_out ALSA device?

You could do something like this:

pcm.<usbdevice> {
     type pulse
     device  <pulseusbdevice>

ctl.<usbdevice> {
     type pulse

Where <pulseusbdevice> = the name of your usb device in pulse, and
<usbdevice> is the name you want to show up in ALSA. You could make those
entries for every usb device you have in your system.

Hope that helps!

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