[pulseaudio-discuss] Stream Class in PulseCore

Justin Tulloss jmtulloss at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 16:12:25 PDT 2007


In another thread the concept of stream class has been mentioned a few
times. The way I would interpret that is to have the idea of a "class" built
into the stream from the beginning, and throughout the core. Class meaning a
group of streams that all share the same priority or characteristics. For
instance, alerts would have a class that you could pump out at a higher
volume, or anything in the "app" class could be muted when a VoIP call comes
in (in, say, the "telephony" class).

Right now I'm using the names of streams to indicate class. I was wondering
if, going forward, there would be support for adding a "class" tag to all
streams, along with the accompanying facilities to control streams by class
instead of just by name.

Also, if people do want to see this, would the lead development team
(Lennart, as far as I know), be willing to accept patches to the current
trunk that would enable the support, or is all development going forward
going to be in the lennart branch?

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