[pulseaudio-discuss] Windows rtp module

Vasili Sviridov vsviridov at exceede.com
Thu Jul 19 15:52:26 PDT 2007

Frederick Reeve wrote:
> Oh.  Sorry.  Well for as far as I have gone with it you simply need to install the latest version of mingw and msys then download the depends (liboil, sndfile and samplerate)  run msys unarc and do the usual unix stuff.
> untar
> ./configure --prefix=/
> make
> you have to install by hand though.
> pulse is posix only so it shouldn't take more than this enviroment.
> Anyway the configure script for pulse wants pkg-config.  I will probably have to hack it to get around this unless some can tell me a better way.  I could install pkg-config I guess.  I just hate compiling endlessly... pkg-config need glib etc......
> not much more to say if you know more feel free to share :-).
Would it be more viable to try this under Cygwin instead? You can get 
all the tools pre-build.


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