[pulseaudio-discuss] pulseaudio on cygwin patch

Pierre Ossman ossman at cendio.se
Tue Mar 6 05:41:36 PST 2007

Adam Smith wrote:
> I had to add in another conditional for automake, OS_IS_CYGWIN.  Mostly
> setting OS_IS_WIN32 under Cygwin compiles the right things, however it
> was breaking the PG_DEFAULT_CONFIG_DIR, but mostly everything else was
> fine.  I added the other conditional at first to fix this, but then I
> noticed that if I did it, I could clean up some of the other things in
> the automake file as well. (Rather specific Win32 compiler options that
> Cygwin doesn't really use)  These fixes can look rather nasty but
> automake only supports checking one variable at a time in a conditional
> branch as far as I can tell from the manual.

This seems very odd. From what I gather, cygwin should look like a posix
environment from the application's point of view. What kind of things
need the OS_IS_WIN32? Removing that would remove more or less all of
your needed fixes.

> I also made a fix which may or may not have already been fixed in SVN
> with the module_x11_publish_la_LIBADD line where it was missing the
> include of libpulsecore.la, that's about the only thing in the
> pulseaudio patch that I can see that might already be done (unless I've
> gone and reinvented the wheel (again) and cygwin build support was
> already added).

That has now been fixed, thanks.

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