[pulseaudio-discuss] Resampling, Duplicate Front to Rear, and few other questions

Hofmann, Laurent laurent at kally.net
Fri Mar 30 10:03:33 PDT 2007



I currently use Pulse with a Soekris Box , working as Network Sound Server.
The CPU is very limited.

I use a USB soundcard which is able to resample from 22 to 48Khz.


My problem is that Pulse does not permit to have a dynamic sample rate. We
must choose. Would it be possible to add an option to tell Pulse not to do
any resampling ? It would just let the USB SoundCard do the job. I tested
with all sample rates, it works, so the USB Card can definitively do that.


I also would like to find a way to duplicate the Front sink to the rear
channels, I tried various things using the combine module but so far it did
not work.


Another question : I see that pulse supports Win32 platforms, that's nice.
In my setup pulse is under Freebsd, but my clients are under Windows (ESD
plugin for Winamp). I would be very happy to see some plugin allowing me to
export sound over the network using VLC, Winamp or even native sound driver
for Windows XP. Is it something feasible ? Have you heard of such things
before ?


Thanks for your answers,


Best Regards,


Laurent H.

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