[pulseaudio-discuss] 'clicks' in audio and rtp troubles

joysn at gmx.net joysn at gmx.net
Mon May 28 09:56:23 PDT 2007

On Mon, May 28, 2007 at 02:23:28PM +0200, Lennart Poettering wrote:
> On Mon, 28.05.07 13:54, joysn at gmx.net (joysn at gmx.net) wrote:
> > on every click the following line is printed:
> > module-alsa-source.c: *** ALSA-XRUN (capture) ***
> Are you sure you have set up realtime scheduling correctly? (i.e. have
> made yourself member of either the group "rt-pulse" or "realtime" --
> the group name depends on the installation. Debian and PA 0.9.6 and
> above use "rt-pulse". PA 0.9.5 on non-Debian machines use "realtime".)

yes. because first i missed to add my account to the pulse-rt and
pulse-access group. and i'm a member of realtime group to because i use
jack as my main audio architecture and it needs rt too to work without

joysn at joysn:~$ pulseaudio -vv --resample-method=src-sinc-best-quality --high-priority=1
core-util.c: Successfully gained nice level -15.
core-util.c: Successfully enabled SCHED_FIFO scheduling.
caps.c: dropping root rights.

> > but when i try to access the stream from mac os x and vlc or vlc from
> > localhost (when configured with loop=1) then i could not connect to it. with 
> > tcpdump i see lots of packets go to
> Last time I looked VLC is unable to pick up SAP announcements from
> anything but the global SAP mcast group This is a
> limitation in VLC. Since we don't want to broadcast our RTP sessions
> all over the Internet we use the link-local group instead
> by default.

but its ok to use another mcast group for own streams?

> > 13:47:19.281686 IP joysn.local.32809 > UDP, length 1292
> > 13:47:19.281696 IP joysn.local.32809 > UDP, length 1292
> > 13:47:19.281703 IP joysn.local.32809 > UDP, length
> > 1292
> Please note that we do not implement RTSP. Only RTP with SAP/SDP. RTSP
> has been on my TODO list, but I haven't worked on it yet.

hm. that means that the rtp feature is only working with other
pulseaudio applications for now?


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