[pulseaudio-discuss] Problem with 0.9.7 and Audacious

Hasse Hagen Johansen hasse-pulse at hagenjohansen.dk
Tue Nov 20 11:26:31 PST 2007

>>>>> "Lennart" == Lennart Poettering <lennart at poettering.net> writes:

    Lennart> No idea, but consider talking to the Audacious people. If
    Lennart> they took the code I wrote for xmms-pulse and adopted it
    Lennart> to audacious and they broke it there they are probably
    Lennart> they ones to talk to for fixing it.

    Lennart> I am not using audcacious myself. However, a while ago
    Lennart> the BEEP people send me the patch (which I applied) to
    Lennart> make xmms-pulse build for both XMMS and BEEP. So I am
    Lennart> quite sure that back then it worked on BEEP and XMMS. If
    Lennart> it doesn't work on Audacious (which is a fork of BEEP if
    Lennart> I am right), then they broke something. And they probably
    Lennart> know better what they broke than I ever could.

I have made a bugreport to ubuntu, because I actually cannot see on
the audacious homepage that they say they have a pulseaudio plugin, so
maybe the ubuntu people have just changed the includes in xmms-pulse
to use the ones provided with audacious. And yes audacious is a fork
of beep, before beep changed the layout. audacious is more like
xmms/winamp. Beep today is not like them...I will just wait and see
what happens. Pulseaudio it working great here by the way :-)

(We can also discuss hardware vs. software mixers. On some of the more
highend soundcards the hardware mixers do a lot more than your average
Intel HDA mixer..RME Totalmix comes to mind..but then again I don't
think Pulseaudio is meant to be used on such cards..we have jack for


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