[pulseaudio-discuss] Problem with 0.9.7 and Audacious

Hasse Hagen Johansen hasse-pulse at hagenjohansen.dk
Tue Nov 27 12:07:11 PST 2007

>>>>> Jan Claeys <lists at janc.be> writes:

    > Op vrijdag 16-11-2007 om 17:05 uur [tijdzone +0100], schreef
    > Hasse Hagen Johansen:
    >> I have stuttering(short pauses about every second) sound when
    >> using audacious with its pulseaudio plugin. I have tried to set
    >> the buffer size in audacious up, but it didn't make a
    >> difference. I have looked at the source package for the
    >> audacious-plugins(on ubuntu 7.10). And I cannot find so much
    >> difference between the xmms-pulse 0.9.7 and the one in my
    >> source package(I only seem to don't have the ifdef's for Beep
    >> media player. And the about plugin thing that the players can
    >> display..license etc.)
    >> XMMS can play without stuttering and I can use audacious with
    >> the alsa-pulse plugin without stuttering also.
    >> Any suggestions about what could the cause of this stuttering?
    >> I think it is a little strange as the xmms-pulse and
    >> audacious-pulse plugin is nearly identically

    > FWIW: I don't have this problem with Audacious & PulseAudio on
    > Ubuntu 7.10 (64-bit edition).

    > Do you have this issue when using any other applications that
    > use PulseAudio?

No. I only have the problem with audacious and only with version 0.9.7 not the
version in ubuntu repositories. That is I didn't have the problem with
0.9.6. But I can just use the alsa-lib plugin it works fine


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