[pulseaudio-discuss] A pulseaudio appliance

Andrzej Wasowski wasowski at data.pl
Thu Oct 4 06:12:49 PDT 2007

On Thu, 4 Oct 2007, Jon Smirl wrote:

>> That's still not within spec.  He wanted something to stream audio
>> data to.  The mpd solution requires you to have the audio data on the
>> disk connected to the NSLU, correct.  I guess you could read it over
>> the network, but it's not the same thing as having a remote sound card
>> for your laptop.
> NFS mount the laptop.

As I said I run pulseaudio on NSLU + wireless + a USB audio.  This is nice 
as  I can share the audio connection with all laptopt in house + a local 
mpd on NSLU.  The downside, already mentioned before, is that the setup is 
not really stable. In particular:

* I need to ocassionally restart pulseaudio or alsa, or the whole machine
   as no sound is coming out.

* NSLU does not seem to have enough power to handle mixing multiple
   streams at the same time.  Only noises come out if more than one stream
   is being played.  Most often one needs to restart pulseaudio whenever
   this happens in order to be able to play any streams properly again.

* Also the quality degrades (jitters) if some other
   process starts to compete for cycles wit pulseaudio at NSLU.

I think that this setup is so convenient that I would be extremely happy 
to pay for an optimized embedded system doing exactly this.


Andrzej WÄ
sowski, http://www.wasowski.org

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