[pulseaudio-discuss] usb audio on nslu

Andrzej Wasowski wasowski at data.pl
Sun Oct 21 08:06:33 PDT 2007

On Sat, 20 Oct 2007, Martin Uecker wrote:

> I am trying to redirect the sound of my notebook to
> an usb sound card (soundblaster) connected to a NSLU.
> This does not work because somehow pulseaudio (version:
> Version: 0.9.6-2 from Debian unstable) produces
> only a series of slowly repeated clicks. When I connect
> the usb sound card directly to the notebook a pulseaudio
> daemon (version 0.9.6-1ubuntu2 from gutsy) running on the
> notebook can use it without problems. mpd on the NSLU can
> use the sound card without problems too.
> Any suggestions how to debug this?

I cannot really guess what is going on, but I had these kind of problems 
almost invariably when NSLU did not have enough cycles.  Have a look if 
there are any services that you could switch off.

Are you playing to this PA remotely or via a link between your local 
pulseaudio and the one on NSLU?  The latter setup I never got to work.  I 
either get clicks or it falls back to the local audiocard on the notebook 
after several seconds.


Andrzej Wąsowski, http://www.wasowski.org

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