[pulseaudio-discuss] Audigy2 card with 7.1 Channels, only getting 2

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Thu Oct 25 17:26:45 PDT 2007

On Thu, 27.09.07 10:06, Marcus Cobden (lists at marcuscobden.co.uk) wrote:

Sorry for the late response.

> pulseaudio[6008]: alsa-util.c: device doesn't support 6 channels,
> changed to 2.
> Is this because my card drivers don't support 7.1? or is pulse somehow
> going via alsa and that's causing a mess?

We can only take what ALSA gives us. If you told PA to open the device
for 6 channels, and you get that message, then apparently ALSA refused
to give us that many channels.

Could you please check if you get the same results with using "aplay
-D hw:0" and if so, please ping the ALSA people about it?


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