[pulseaudio-discuss] Yet another pulsified libflashsupport.so

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Wed Oct 31 15:37:34 PDT 2007

Wade Berrier wrote:
> It's good to know it works... the only thing I'm missing is the 32bit
> pulse libraries.

>> Well I'm using 32 bit flash with a 64bit system and 64 bit pulseaudio
>> daemon, so in principle our setups are not a million miles apart. For

Arg, sorry for false hope! I meant to say "firefox" above but thinko'ed :)

Basically I have 64 bit system + 32 bit firefox with 32 bit flash plugin
+ 32 bit libflashsupport + 32 libpulse* (+ their deps - ldd the libs to
make sure they exist) connecting to a 64 bit pulseaudio daemon.

That's why I said we're "not a million miles appart" as I obviously
don't have the need for nspluginwrapper.

Last time I tried the nspluginwrapper just wasn't reliable enough for me
when using three critical plugins I need: Java+JavaWS, Flash and
mplayerplugin (with win32 codecs).



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