[pulseaudio-discuss] LTSP + PulseAudio + Ubuntu 7.04 + VOIP

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Mon Sep 3 12:24:37 PDT 2007

On Thu, 30.08.07 12:56, Shrenik Bhura (shrenik.bhura at intelliant.net) wrote:

> Thin-client :
> IP address: dhcp
> Output of "pulseaudio -vv", though visible on the terminal can't be redirected
> to any file.
> However, the output upon starting padevchooser is :(manually typed)
> > >>>
> > >>> socket-server.c: TCP connection accepted by tcpwrap.
> > client.c: created 1 "Native client (TCP/IP client from
> >"
> > client.c: client 1 changed name from "Native client (TCP/IP client
> > from" to "PulseAudio Manager"
> > core-subscribe.c: dropped redundant event.
> > client.c: freed 1 "PulseAudio Manager"
> Once again to clarify - I am able to connect and use the sound devices
> on the thin-client from either side but am unable to connect to the
> ltsp-server/image host's sound devices from the thin-client.

The log outputs you posted don't show any connection attempt from
anything besides paman. I am not sure if I fully grokked your problem
but is this what you expected? If it doesn't you seem to have set up a
bad client config so that the clients don't know the right server to
connect to.

> Does the ltsp image also need to have the avahi daemon running as is
> necessary for the lstp image host? I noticed that the padevchooser
> refuses to work if avahi is down.

padevchooser requires avahi to be useful. But in a thin client setup
you mostly likely don't want to use padevchooser.


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