[pulseaudio-discuss] Different sound through speakers and headset possible with PulseAudio?

Adna rim adnarim at lavabit.com
Mon Apr 7 08:40:05 PDT 2008

I'm new to pulseaudio and hope someone can help me. Is it possible for example to play two songs at the same time and listen one just with the pc-speakers and the other just through the headset?

If I start two songs I see them both in pavucontrol. If I do a right-click on them and "Move Stream" I just have one entry:
	ALSA PCM on hw:0 (ALC861 Analog) via DMA
So what do I have to do to have two entrys there so I can choose with what device, my headset and my speakers I can listen to what stream? 

At the moment, when I plugg in my headset I hear everything just through the headset but not my speakers anymore.


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