[pulseaudio-discuss] main.c: daemon startup failed.

Ben Finney bignose+hates-spam at benfinney.id.au
Sun Apr 13 06:36:34 PDT 2008

Colin Guthrie <gmane at colin.guthr.ie> writes:

> Also don't start pulse as root unless you are running a --system
> daemon (which is generally not recommended) - it's better to run a
> pulseaudio daemon for each user and let consolekit take care of user
> switching etc.

The host where I'm starting the system daemon is the one that controls
the audio hardware, but is not the one where the user will log in. So,
there is no per-user PulseAudio process on the host with the hardware.

Is that a situation in which it's correct to use a system PulseAudio

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