[pulseaudio-discuss] Re : Effects of Clock Resolution on Pulseaudio

DSK dsk.in.2007 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 18 04:42:23 PDT 2008


> The effect of hrtimers on PA <= 0.9.10 is not that big, unless you
> manually configure it for very low latencies.
> However in the glitch-free branch this will become relevant.
> What exactly do you mean by "perfomarnce is low"?

By this i mean that the CPU Utilization is high which makes the music play

> Most likely someone needs to spend some time to optimize the inner
> loops (mixing, resampling, converting)  a bit better for ARM.

Well the observations taken are when a single 44K file is being played with
pacat ..  (so no resampling, mixing or converting comes into picture) ...

So i am not sure what part of Pulseaudio is causing high CPU Utilization ..


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