[pulseaudio-discuss] Connect to ESD Server

Klaus Reimer k at ailis.de
Sat Apr 26 07:58:20 PDT 2008


I know that Pulse Audio can replace an ESD server but I have the
following problem: I already have a sound server in my network and it's
using ESD and I can't install Pulse Audio on it (It's a wireless router
and I don't really want to cross-compile Pulse Audio for it...). I'm
using Ubuntu Hardy on my laptop which uses Pulse Audio as Sound system.
Now it would be very cool if I could just use the Pulse Audio Device
Chooser to switch sound output to my ESD sound server. Is that possible?
When I just enter the hostname then it's not working. I think that's
because Pulse Audio expects a Pulse Audio Server on the other end of the
network cable. Maybe there is special module I have to install or a
special syntax I have to use to enter the ESD server hostname and port
in padevchooser? Or is there no ESD support in this direction available
in Pulse Audio?

Bye, K <http://www.ailis.de/~k/>
[A735 47EC D87B 1F15 C1E9 53D3 AA03 6173 A723 E391]
(Finger k at ailis.de to get public key)

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