[pulseaudio-discuss] Documentation update?

Nikolai Beier nikbeier at gmail.com
Wed Apr 30 04:56:24 PDT 2008

Hello all.

I noticed that http://pulseaudio.org/wiki/Modules mentions the module
"module-detect" is mentioned two time. Perhaps the two entries should
just be merged?

Perhaps some of you developers have ideas for the future development
that would fit nicely on the roadmap page? That could give a better
overview, than the "The PulseAudio daemon and utilities are still
under heavy development." from the About page.
I am in doubt whether or not this "heavy development" also covers
somebody's intentions or wishes to improve what is called "Related
What about refinement for PA use with multiple users sharing hardware?
What about improving the usability of the padevchooser?

On the about page, under "Distributions", it would be nice to mark
which distros enable PA as default, to give a quick picture of the
state of use.

Is it possible to make a stream over the network without using
multicasted RTP? (i.e. I'm an a big network, and many people get
annoyed when they receive a lot data the don't want. Oh, and the IT
department disables my ethernet link) The documentation and the
graphical apps does not seem to support this.

Then there is the use of the word default, and how to set it up.
especially in th padevchooser where one can set the default to
default, but not see what the default is!

How authentication works could also deserve its own section. There is
a short description in the faq, which only tells what to do if the Pa
clients should connect to a remote server, and IP-based access control
list are mentioned as an option a few places....
How can I route sound from a local server to a remote server that
requires authentication?

Oh, this seems like enough questions for today.

Nikolai Beier, who thinks better documentation can help getting more
people to understand how to make use of PulseAudio.

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