[pulseaudio-discuss] Recording with PulseAudio.

Gian Paolo Mureddu gmureddu at prodigy.net.mx
Sun Apr 6 20:54:49 PDT 2008

Hi List!

I am having a rather hard time to get any sound captured while running 
PulseAudio. I'm running Fedora 8 with Pulse Audio 0.9.8, as far as I can 
tell recording is set correctly in the mixer (via GNOME mixer with all 
the devices shown, or alsamixer -c 0), but I can't seem to be able to 
capture any sound either from the command prompt (using arecord) or  a 
GUI application (like Audacity). It doesn't seem to matter if I choose 
one or another input device, especially in Audacity. Is there anything 
I'm missing? I don't seem to be able to record from any source, please help.

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