[pulseaudio-discuss] Alsa pulse plugin and pulseaudio 0.9.11 with openal

Rafał Mużyło galtgendo at o2.pl
Fri Aug 15 03:13:17 PDT 2008

Well, yesterday I did some testing and got a rather interesting result.
I put:
fprintf(stderr, "pcm->last_size %d, size %d, pcm->frame_size %d\n",
pcm->last_size, size, pcm->frame_size);

were that assert was (yes, I know this makes the plugin unusable
for normal use).

The output consisted of several lines, starting with one
with pcm->last_size =  16380,
next was pcm->last_size = 24320,
reduced by 256 on each subsequent line, up to the line
that triggered assert:
pcm->last_size 0, size 64, pcm->frame_size 4

Now, all of this happened during alcOpenDevice(NULL);,
when there's no sound input/output yet.

If I simply drop the line with assert, everything seems to work

Now, does this this mean that the bug lies in openal
or is this a problem with the plugin (or even alsa-lib) ?

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