[pulseaudio-discuss] Strange behaviour in module-pipe-sink

Knut-Håvard Aksnes kna at tirsdagsklubben.nu
Tue Aug 19 07:05:41 PDT 2008

I see strange behaviour after the following sequence of commands:
First I load a pipe-sink using this command.
pactl load-module module-pipe-sink file=/tmp/sound1

The stats for the sink is:
*** Sink #3 ***
Name: fifo_output
Driver: modules/module-pipe-sink.c
Description: Unix FIFO sink '/tmp/sound1'
Sample Specification: s16le 2ch 44100Hz
Channel Map: front-left,front-right
Owner Module: 14
Volume: 0: 100% 1: 100%
Monitor Source: 4
Latency: 0 usec

Then in one window I start copying from the sink to a file
cat /tmp/sound >sound.tmp

In another window I run vlc on a file containing music.
PULSE_SINK=fifo_output vlc test.flv

The file sound.tmp starts to grow far too fast, reaching 1GB after
around 1 min.
With CD samplerate and resolution this is nearly two orders of magnitude
too fast.
I have been testing this on Fedora 9 using x86_64 architecture, and on
Ubuntu both on i686 and x86_64. The problem seems to be present in all
tested configurations.

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