[pulseaudio-discuss] java sound implementation using pulseaudio - ports

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Thu Aug 21 16:06:01 PDT 2008

Ioana Ivan wrote:
> Hi,
> We've been trying to write an implementation of 
> javax.sound.sampled.Mixer(and the associated classes: SourceDataLine, 
> TargetDataLine, Clip, and Port) that uses pulseaudio as a backend. So 
> far, SourceDataLine, TargetDataLine and Clip are working (somewhat, 
> there are still issues that need to be fixed), but we're not sure how to 
> approach Port.
>  From the java API:
> "Ports are simple lines for input or output of audio to or from audio 
> devices. Common examples of ports that act as source lines (mixer 
> inputs) include the microphone, line input, and CD-ROM drive. Ports that 
> act as target lines (mixer outputs) include the speaker, headphone, and 
> line output. You can access port using a Port.Info  object."
> Ports should have an open() and close() method, and ideally they should 
> also support volume and mute controls. There currently is an 
> implementation of Port in openjdk that uses alsa to enumerate the 
> devices that could connect to the sound system, and implement the 
> required methods.
> We were wondering whether there's anything in the pulseaudio API that 
> could be used to do something similar, and, if not, how problematic 
> using the old version of Port(that uses alsa directly) with our mixer 
> that uses pulseaudio is.

I spoke to you on the mailing list but this is a little clearer I think.

Basically you just want to expose the volume of the various Sinks and 
Sources here. I would just get a list of all the Sinks and provide 
playback Ports that allow volume control and muting etc. and do a 
similar exposure for the Sources.

I'd use the introspection stuff to do this (tho' not overly sure).


You can probably use the source of pavucontrol to work out what to do here.

You can of course export a volume on a "per stream" basis, but I'd 
imagine this doesn't map too well to the Java API seeing as streams will 
come and go quickly but sinks/sources will be slightly more long term 
(tho can still come and go (e.g. when a usb audio device is plugged in 
or a network sink is detected etc.)

I think whatever is in the "Output devices" and "Input devices" tab in 
pavucontrol (from git) is probably what you want...




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