[pulseaudio-discuss] pulseaudio-discuss Digest, Vol 41, Issue 28

tyrchyus tyrchyus at gmail.com
Tue Aug 26 18:55:15 PDT 2008

My understanding of italian is rather limited. But using the "trivial"
resampler to fix "Suono a scatti" doesn't sound right to me. Very
wrong actually. The trivial resampler is pretty bad.


R:    Why?? it have resolve all of my trouble...no scrachy sound when windows go down or graphic effects are on.
      What is the best resampler? exist? (i don't think so, anyone have a different configuration.)
Marco apparently describes digital output of AC3 via SPDIF which is a
different case then AC3 via Analaog audio.


R: mmm, sorry I don't understand.

I was running with a52 for a while and turned it off. It constantly
chews 50% of a core on a Q6600 with music playing.

You set pulse up to run with 6 channels. a52 then takes these 6
channels and AAC compresses them in real time and sends the results
out over SPDIF. If you don't run a52 you only get stereo over the
SPDIF line. This way you get 5.1.

R: When I read this i think: Well, my guide I'ts correct!  


The purpose in doing this is to use a cheap 5.1 Home Theater in a Box
as a PC sound system. In fact they work extremely well as a PC sound
system. I have a $250 Sony system on my machine right now. 1KW sub
came with it.

Now a days most motherboards have SPDIF out. SPDIF is a digital output
so there aren't any quality issues with the motherboard based audio
hardware.  There is no need to buy a fancy audio card, the hard work
happens in the external system.

Internally my Sony system takes this digital output and uses it to
digitally drive a digital PWM Class-D amp. There is no A/D conversion
in the system at all except in the speakers which convert the PWM
pulses to sound. No A/D D/A removes many sources of noise and jitter.

a52 has real potential as a valuable desktop feature but not enough
work is being done with it. It is too hard to configure and it uses
way too much CPU.There are much faster AAC encoders available that
could be used to speed a52 up. I love to be able to enable it with a
simple check box.

R: What is this AAC encoders
R: I don't understand what it mean "the blue line."

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