[pulseaudio-discuss] pulseaudio elusive

Chris Hamilton chamilton at cs.dal.ca
Mon Dec 8 13:24:59 PST 2008

>> Yeah, I think more needs to be done here to make it more obvious. In 
>> actual fact a usability "improvement" was to default to the "Sinks" tab 
>> if no streams are running, but in actual fact if it started with a blank 
>> pane and some text saying "No active streams. This pane will list blah, 
>> blah blah" would actually be better for first time users etc.
> To me, the PA metaphor seems really suited to a directed graph visualization --
> boxes and arrows kind of stuff. Sources and sinks all get to be boxes, and links
> between them between them get to be ... arrows. (Someone has to have thought of
> this before.) I think Conduit implements a similar GUI.

This was mentioned in an earlier thread, and I too think this is a great
idea.  I was planning on putting together some mockups to start working
through the details of what this would look like.  Once I have
something, I'll be sure to post it here and would definitely appreciate
any feedback.


Chris Hamilton

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