[pulseaudio-discuss] couple with vnc

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Thu Dec 11 14:33:00 PST 2008

'Twas brillig, and Brian J. Murrell at 11/12/08 16:15 did gyre and gimble:
> On Thu, 2008-12-11 at 16:12 +0100, Lennart Poettering wrote:
>> Simply use pavucontrol.
> So that presumes that pavucontrol is in the desktop menu somewhere (for
> the common user).  As of Ubuntu Intrepid, that does not appear to be the
> case.  Maybe they will follow through with this deprecation and put the
> tools that are accessible from padevchooser into the menus.

Lennart has already answered but I should also say that newer 
pavucontrols (e.g. newer than the one in Ubuntu) deprecate the volume 

In addition paman is generally of little day-to-day use and paprefs is 
also only used occasionally.

So really, pavucontrol is all you need on a daily basis.

I've added a pavucontrol icon to my panel :)

As for the libnotify popups from padevchooser when it discovers network 
sinks etc. I've got a plan for that... I need to wait until Lennart lets 
his bag of tricks loose on how to integrate the glib mainloop of a 
library into pulses mainloop (there are other ways to achieve this but 
I'd rather wait and do it the easy way!)

> Right.  I have done that too.  Works well.  i.e. ssh into a remote
> machine and set the PULSE_SERVER env. variable to the machine the ssh is
> coming from so that any applications started in that shell get their
> audio sent to the ssh source.  I have not gone as far, but it would
> probably be trivial to tunnel it in the ssh connection too.

If you've got an X11 session on the source then this shouldn't be needed 
(setting the PULSE_SERVER) if your SSH is setup to forward X11 sessions 
(it's a switch to ssh... -x IIRC and usually it defaults to on). As 
pulse can check the root window properties (xprop -root | grep pulse) 
and as the root window is forwarded via SSH, this "just works(tm)".

I used it all the time. SSH into another machine on the network and run 
an audio app :)



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