[pulseaudio-discuss] a simple way to disable pa

H.S. hs.samix at gmail.com
Sat Dec 20 11:03:18 PST 2008

Sean McNamara wrote:

>> I see. But why reboot? Isn't there an init script to restart pulse audio
>> or something like this?
> Yes, there is an init.d script for pulseaudio in Ubuntu; you can also
> run `pulseaudio --daemonize=true`. I figured I would select the least

Ah, yes, thanks.

> complicated way of indicating that the daemon needs to be started
> again, considering the skill level implicit in the nature of your
> question.

I completely understand and agree with you on this one. The question
was, as you correctly guessed, geared from a novice's point of view. I
wouldn't feel comfortable telling a new user to open a terminal and
restart a daemon -- kind of pushes the new user away from Ubuntu, what
with the older impressions of Linux being only command line and what not.

> is sort of like "PulseAudio light" -- it provides the core
> functionality of software mixing, but you're missing out on all the
> other great features of PA. Of course, since Ubuntu doesn't take

Some hints on those features please?

For now, I have discovered in my Debian machines that I can change the
source and sink from pulseaudio's gui, restart the application of
interst and its sound get channeled through the new path.

> Good luck with Audacity - that's one of the most stubborn applications
> to get working on a system using either Dmix _or_ Pulseaudio.

hmm .. not very encouraging.

> There's no real consequence to removing the ubuntu-desktop package.
> ubuntu-desktop, etc. along with it, that's fine. The rest of your
> desktop won't be affected, unless it for some reason tries to remove
> all the hundreds of GNOME packages too.

No, it is just that meta package that it removes (removal of pa).

Thanks for all your comments, very helpful.



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